Family World Travel – Tanah Lot – Bali, Indonesia

Family World Travel - Tanah Lot - Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot is one of those must see attractions during your stay in Bali. The famous temple is located only 20 minutes from Canggu and 1 hour from both Jimbaran and Ubud. We traveled from Jimbaran in the South so it made complete sense to stop in Canggu on the way.

Getting To Tanah Lot

Many choose to cruise around the island on a scooter but with a 6 year old we’ll stick to a car. If you aren’t looking to rent your own vehicle, using Grab (like Uber) is your best bet and extremely affordable.

For this trip we hired a private driver for 5 hours and only spent $23.99 USD to get to Canggu and Tanah Lot and back to Jimbaran!

Stopping at Canggu

You could easily spend a whole day in Canggu alone, so our quick stop there was a real teaser. We made the most of it and stopped at Batu Bolong Beach.

This black sand beach is lined with cafe’s and restaurants. The water is too rough to swim but is perfect for surfers and offers board rental. We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Warung Bu Mi Ikan Bakar & Nasi Campur, which overlooked a rice field.

Arriving at Tanah Lot

We finally made it to Tanah Lot! As expected it was quite empty considering the ongoing pandemic. The cost to enter is 60,000 IDR per adult. That’s $4.11 USD and Cameron was free. There are a ton of shops and restaurants leading up to Tanah Lot, 35% of which are still closed.

Tanah Lot is a hindu temple located on a rock in the sea located in Tabanan Regency. The name Tanah Lot literally means “land in the sea.” In Balinese mythology it is said that venomous sea snakes guard the base of the spiritual island to fend off evil spirits and intruders.

While approaching Tanah Lot it’s hard to miss a massive python wrapped around someones neck. So we stopped to take in the slithery creature and even tried it on ourselves. We were then led down an alleyway to a snake park that housed several more pythons many of which were larger than the one we were acquainted with.

We made our way to the sea temple to position ourselves for the perfect sunset view. You can see the majestic formation from the shore barricaded by crashing waves.

When the sun finally peaked out of the clouds and neared toward the ocean it was a mad dash to find the ultimate angle for the perfect photograph. Before you could blink the sun had set. Even though this event happens 365 days a year, you felt like you witnessed something that happens once in a lifetime.

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