Uluwatu Temple During Covid19

Uluwatu Temple during Covid19 - Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu Temple is one of the most unique attractions in Bali, as it sits atop a 230 ft. cliff. We hired a personal driver for a 5 hour day trip from Jimbaran, Bali to Uluwatu. Along the way we stopped at Balangan Beach and Dreamland Beach. Both are noticeably vacant after being hit hard from the Covid19 pandemic. Bali its beaches and other attractions rely heavily on tourism and without it much of the island has suffered.

Balangan Beach – Bali

Our first stop was at Balangan Beach with beautiful views on top of the cliff and amazing views below. The beach has a hostel on site and an abandoned restaurant. The latter likely from lack of tourism. Stray dogs have now taken over the promising beach front restaurant called Balangan Paradise Bar and Restaurant.

Dreamland Beach – Bali

Dreamland Beach is another great spot with wonderful beach views and a seaside restaurant. Like Balangan however, clothing stalls leading up to the beach are mostly closed with a few braving the heat for a stray customer.

Uluwatu Temple

When finally arriving at Uluwatu Temple we were immediately prompted to wash our hands at the recently installed washing stations. When entering the temple shoulders and legs must be covered to show respect for Balinese Hindus. If you don’t have a sarong one will be provided. It is tied at the waist and reaches your ankles. Kids and those with covered legs wear a scarf around their waste.

We were warned several times to be on the lookout for the monkeys (Macaque) who are known to snatch sunglasses and other valuables. We quickly tucked away our sunglasses so they wouldn’t get plucked by the resident bandits. After, we didn’t think much about them because they were nowhere in sight.

Macaque Monkeys

We stopped at a picturesque stage to grab a couple photos. Fiona sat on the ledge for a pose as Cam peaked in the back for a photo bomb.

While Fiona critiqued my shots, two monkeys sneak up from behind yanking her scarf right from her waist. As she shrieks the monkey shows its teeth in disapproval. Fiona nearly hurls her self off the stage yelling for Cam to run.

Uluwatu Temple Monkey

A keeper shows up with a sling shot in hand letting out a loud noise, spooking away our little thief.

We continued up a steep set of stairs to the top of a cliff, an easy walk to the majestic Uluwatu Temple. The 360° view is absolutely breathtaking.

If you have the chance to go to the temple now you’ll basically have the entire place to your self. No crowds, no long lines and unfortunately no Kecak Fire Dance. Pre Covid19 Uluwatu Temple was packed to the brim with tourists. Now it’s just you, the monkeys and one of Bali’s greatest treasures.

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Uluwatu Temple During Covid19 - Bali, Indonesia
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