$100/Day on TikTok Without Making a Single Video

$100/Day on TikTok Without Making a Single Video

So you hear all the hype surrounding TikTok. It’s every where. If you aren’t on it yourself maybe your kids are obsessing over it. I’m not going to lie, it’s quite addictive. If you don’t already know, it’s an app where users make 15 second videos of skits, lip synchs, dancing etc. Just like any social media, this one is a gold mine! Let me show you exactly how to make $100/Day on TikTok Without Making a Single Video.

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I want to mess around with a kids app, they aren’t going to buy anything. However, recent studies show 50% of US users are between ages 18-34. A quarter of TikTok users are actually between the ages of 45-64. Not bad for a kids app.

Set Up

1.) Apply for an Amazon Associates account. If you don’t already know, this is Amazon’s affiliate program. You’ll have access to promote every item in Amazon’s catalog. This is definitely something worth being a part of as a blogger anyway. Pro Tip: Make sure you are 100% ready to use and promote Amazon Associates. Your’e basically in a trial mode for the first 90 days. If your’e not making money by then your account will be closed.

2.) Set up a simple free website with the product you are looking to promote and a button that takes you to your Amazon affiliate link. You can get a 100% free website from Builderall. Here is a link to a sample website of what your site should look like.

3.) Find a product to promote. It will have to be something that the influencer can wear in their video. Maybe a choker necklace for a girl or a watch for a guy.


4.) If you really want to make $100/Day on TikTok Without Making a Single Video, above all this next step is key. Find an influencer! TikTokers are bringing in millions of followers and millions more in liked videos. These large accounts have their emails in plain site knowing people will be looking to do business. Sending the product for them to keep may suffice for payment, however negotiating is up to you.

5.) Now that everything is set in place. Your chosen influencer will make a video wearing your product. They’ll then direct viewers toward their bio where your site link will be ready for action.

Let me know what you think of my strategy in the comments down below. If you are interested in using the website I made, i’ll share it to your Builderall account. If you liked this be sure to read How to Make Money While You Sleep.

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