Affiliate Marketing With No Website

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

There is this myth that in order to be a successful Affiliate marketer you need a website. More specifically a blog. This is just not true. I’m going map out how you can make thousands in affiliate marketing with no website.

Websites and blogs are a great way to drive organic traffic. Since they do take A long time to get traction, I would work on one on the side while using other methods to build a cash flow.


YouTube is the quickest and most effective way to do affiliate marketing without a website. You can literally choose any niche in the world, find a related affiliate program and make some extra money.

This is the one method where you can send buyers straight to an affiliate offer and they will buy. They are considered a hot lead. In other words they are ready and willing to buy. That is assuming you provided enough value in your videos that they want to purchase from you. 

I get it, some people just refuse to be on camera. YouTube can still be a great source though. Try reaching out to huge you tubers in your niche and see if they would be willing to shout out your product or service in their video. Most big you tubers leave their contact info available for business. Inquire what their fee would be for the advertisement.


Instagram is also a great way to do affiliate marketing as well. Putting your link in the bio might just do the trick.

Once you hit 10,000 subscribers Instagram un locks the swipe up feature in feature for your stories and a link can be placed there.

Lastly, like YouTube, you can reach out to Instagram influencers and have them shout out your product or service. This is a big business for for Shopify dropshippers and other Ecommerce sellers.


There are a lot of ways to promote your offers in Facebook. A few things you don’t want to do however, is run Facebook ads directly to your affiliate link and spam your link everywhere imaginable.

The best way to do Affiliate marketing with no website on Facebook is through Facebook groups. Again you don’t want to spam your links all over the group unless of course it’s your group. Even then it’s probably a good idea to refrain from dropping links contantly. Owning a group is the best way to do affiliate marketing, as long as you’re providing value. You will be seen as an authority in your niche and people will naturally want to buy from your recommendation. 

If starting a group from scratch is something you don’t have time for, the other option would be to just join a group. The strategy here, is the same. Provide value, get to know members, friend request them and get into a conversation. Marketers make full time incomes from this strategy alone.


Pinterest is a great way to get your links out to the masses of you are doing Affiliate marketing with no website. This social media platform allows you to connect pins to affiliate links. Simply create a Pin at absolutely free. Just like any platform to work effectively you’ll have to appease the algorithm to get your pin noticed. This means using Pinterest on a daily basis by creating new content and pinning other content.

Solo Ads

This is a bonus tip but actually requires a one page website called a landing page, bridge page or lead capture page. I know, including this on the least is cheating but I wanted to show you how to make a free one page site like this.

Solo ads are a paid traffic source. You send your offer to someone with a massive email list and they promote it for you. If the offer you are promoting does not provide a lead capture page to collect emails you will have to make one yourself. You can use a pre-made template in Builderall as your capture page and it’s absolutely free.

As far as finding a solo ad provider, Udimi is the most trusted. They have a system in place to ensure you are getting real clicks from real people and not bots.

To Your Success

If you are doing Affiliate marketing with no website, I hope this list gave you some good ideas. No matter which way you slice it being an affiliate means you are essentially a salesperson. The best way to get anyone to buy from you is to get them to like, know and trust you.

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Affiliate Marketing With No Website

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