Barbados, the New Digital Nomad Spot?

By Randy Jarosz

With white sand beaches and crystal clear water, Barbados is a tropical paradise. There’s a lot to love about this Caribbean island. Don’t worry though, It sits far enough east missing all the major hurricanes. It is for sure a top spot for honeymooners from all over the world, as you’ll see newly wed couples everywhere.

Barbados is a pretty awesome place to stay if you are a digital nomad or just looking for a week long getaway. Great wifi, public transportation everywhere and plenty of sights to see. The 21 mile long island is very safe for tourists and locals alike. 

There are plenty of resorts and hotels around, but if you are looking to experience the Bajan lifestyle, like a local, then Air BnB is the way to go. The place we stayed at was called Cozy in Paradise. It is located halfway between the airport and Oistins, a hot spot among locals and tourists. It is also a short bus ride to the capital Bridgetown. 

Aside from Cozy in Paradise being a 60 second walk to the bus stop, the host Katherine, drops you off and picks you up upon arrival at the airport. She even took time to to drive us around the island to show us popular tourist and local spots.

Oistins is the place to be on a Friday night in Barbados. Music is cranking, people dancing, Banks beer is flowing and the fish is frying. The real gem though is the the stall called World Famous Fish Cakes. For only 75 cents you can get a large fish cake ball.

Cheffette’s fast food restaurant to Bajans is like KFC to Americans but since it is an authentic Barbadian chain it is definitely something you want to try. The chicken is amazing! Mauby Juice is a favorite among locals. It is a taste similar to root beer in the beginning but quickly turns bitter and leaves an aftertaste. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

The biggest downside to Barbados is the cost of living. There are definitely cheaper countries to stay at if you are a digital nomad and on a super tight budget. The upside is that the US Dollar is worth twice as much as the Barbadian dollar (BBD), although the prices do reflect the difference. Another huge bonus is that the USD is accepted everywhere, so there is no need to worry about exchanging currencies.

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