How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

earn free cryptocurrency

So you want to learn how to earn free cryptocurrency? You have heard the buzz about this digital asset but you’re not sure how or where to get started. You already know about Bitcoin, but did you know there are thousands of other crypto projects utilizing blockchain technology?

Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Earning free crypto could be an easy gateway and introduction to the crypto world while doing very little. It’s the perfect way to get your feet wet with no risk.

I’ll be discussing two cryptocurrencies that allow you to earn coins/tokens passively. One for downloading something you use daily and the other for downloading an app on your smart phone.

Basic Attention Token

First is Basic Attention Token (BAT), the native token used in conjunction with the Brave internet browser. The concept of BAT is to combat advertising fraud. They work with advertisers to reward users for viewing ads at their own free will.

This is achieved by the Brave internet browser which displays no ads and blocks trackers known for recording your internet movements. Ultimately they sell your info to the highest bidder. Not only do you earn crypto for doing something that you would do daily anyway, you get to experience a cleaner, safer and faster user experience. 

If you create content on a platform like youtube or write blog articles on your website, you can get tipped in BAT from your fans/followers. As a content creator you can also earn BAT by referring friends to use the browser.


The next crypto you can earn passively on a daily basis is Electroneum (ETN). 1.7 Billion people have no access to a bank account. ETN has set out to help bank the unbanked. Their target market is 3rd world countries that don’t have access to financial institutions. However, many do have access to a cell phone and will get rewarded up to $3.00 worth of ETN per month just for downloading the app. Anyone in the world can download the app and collect free coins, though depending on where you live, earnings can be relatively smaller.

Electroneum is working with cell phone companies to accept ETN as payment as well as other retailers so the underprivileged can use their free ETN to pay their bill or buy merchandise. The app runs in the background of your phone and pays out coins weekly, using very little data.

Electroneum also just released a platform called AnyTask. Here you can find designers, writers, animators and other creative services for as little as $5. The content creators then get paid out in ETN.

You can download the app for your Android or IOS device at If you use referral code 76ACF8 you will get an additional 1% in free coins.

Now What

Will these free cryptocurrencies make you rich? Probably not, but in the long run the value per coin/token will likely rise and you could easily make a nice return for just a couple simple downloads. There are various other ways to earn free cryptocurrencies that include staking your coins and some that pay out in dividends. If you are interested in buying Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies Coinbase is a great place to start. If you are interested is seeing the value of each crypto along with trading charts, visit

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