Top 5 Side Hustles of 2020

By Randy Jarosz

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If you ever want the opportunity to travel full time you have to start somewhere. Money is typically the number one reason why people don’t take the leap of faith and travel more, let alone full time. Aside from saving a significant portion of your income, starting a side hustle is the best way to go. A side hustle is a business you work in your spare time. That could be before or after your 9-5 and even on lunch breaks.

A side hustle could be driving for Uber or Lyft. You could deliver food on Grub Hub or Postmates. You could even go shopping for customers using the app Instacart. Air bnb even offers experiences where you could become a tour guide in your city. 

The problem with these side hustles are that if you stop doing them the money also stops. 

I’m going to discuss 5 side hustles that are still relevant in 2020 that you could do anywhere in the world!

Blogging– Even today blogging can be very lucrative. As with any side hustle though it takes time to build up to monetization. You could be writing high quality content for a year plus and make very little. When you put the consistent work in results will come. Traffic is the number one way to make your blog take off. The more eyes on your blog the more you’ll make. I recommend Bluehost hosting for your Word Press blog. You can get it for as little as $3.95 per month and a free domain. Check it our here.

Affiliate Marketing– Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service to someone and they purchase from your link. You’ll get a commission for sending traffic to that particular offer. Affiliate marketing is used in blogs, youtube, emails etc. Over time it’s definitely possible to earn 6 figures from affiliate marketing.

Course Creation– You can make a video course for virtually anything. If you like to knit hats, make a course on it. If you like to make music instruments, make a course on it. If you like photography, make a course on it. You don’t have to be an expert in that particular field, you just have to know more than your target audience. Websites like Udemy provide a platform to sell your course, although usually at deep discounts. If you already have a personal brand through YouTube, Instagram, blogging etc than you could charge more.

Amazon– There are multiple ways to make money with Amazon. Amazon FBA, Amazon private label, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Associates, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon drop shipping . I’ll be going into each one of these more in depth in the future.

Website Design -This may be a bit of a surprise to some but is an incredible way to make recurring passive income. You design a website for a client for lets say $1,000. You charge a $50 per month hosting/maintenance fee. That $50 comes in monthly for as long as your customer has a website which is likely a very long time. I use a platform called Builderall which is an all in 1 marketing system. Hosting and design is all done here. This website homepage was designed there and the blog in WordPress, which is also hosted on Builderall. Check out Builderall here.

There are so many other ways to earn online and they really do work. If you take anything away from this article, leave with this. Find an online business model that you really enjoy and don’t give up until you see results. The top reasons so many fail online is because they give up too soon or jump from business opportunity to business opportunity.

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