Best Ad Blocker for YouTube in 2020

I’ll be the first to admit that watching 4 ads in a 15 minute video is quite annoying. Right? Even though you can skip after 6 seconds, sometimes YouTube forces you to watch an entire 5 minute ad! Well I have a solution. The best ad blocker for YouTube right now.

I get it. YouTubers are making money off of those ads. They should get compensated for their hard work too. There is a solution however, I’ll get in to it later.

The Best Ad Blocker for YouTube

The best ad blocker for YouTube right now is the Brave Browser. No more pesky ads, pop-ups, retargeting or trackers.

Brave is all about your privacy and security. That is why they reimagined the perfect internet experience. 

Why It Was Created

Every move you make online including the videos you watch on YouTube is tracked. The sites you visit, the links you click, everything! Did you ever wonder why you get targeted for certain ads online as if the internet could hear your thoughts?

Brave‘s goal is to get your security back, by fending off the fraudulent ad companies. These industry giants essentially bid on your data so they can feed you with ads, ultimately lining their own pockets.


Another reason Brave is the best ad blocker for YouTube is that it allows videos to load 3-6x faster than competitors. This goes for all sites on the internet. No more pop ups, ads or trackers weighing down your search.

Speed Test


Brave actually has an option to browse in a Tor private tab. With Tor your activity can’t be tracked, history can’t be found and most importantly your location can’t be pin pointed. Brave’s Tor feature routes your browsing through several servers. It basically scrambles your location before it actually reaches your destination.

Get Paid to View Ads

The most exciting reason why Brave is the best ad blocker for YouTube is because you can actually tip your favorite content creators.

Additionally, it allows you to turn on Brave Rewards and earn tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads. When you do so you get tokens called BAT (Basic Attention Token). These tokens can be used for tipping content creators on websites, blogs and YouTube as long as they’re set up for Brave Rewards. As of 2019 Brave had 10.4 million users!

You can also choose to cash out your BAT for real money at the current time of value. As of right now BAT is worth $0.18 per token. At it’s all time high it was worth $0.98. I have been earning about $5.00 worth of BAT per month between mobile and desktop usage. You can use Coinbase to cash out your tokens.

Fun Facts

The Brave browser, created by Brendan Eich, the founder of Java script and former CEO of Mozilla Corporation is the brains behind the project. In fact Mozilla is the creator of Mozilla FireFox web browser.

Brave is compatible with Windows 10, MacOS, Linux, while running flawlessly on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Furthermore, the Brave browser is built on Chromium, the same open-source Software as Google Chrome. You’ll notice it works a lot like Chrome with downloadable extensions. 

I use Brave on daily basis for the last three months and it has been hands down the best ad blocker for YouTube ads. As a digital nomad I also appreciate the faster web speeds and the extra cash doesn’t hurt either. 

Let us know in the comments your favorite ad blocker! If you would like to try Brave, download it HERE.

Best Ad Blocker for YouTube

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