Hobbies That Make Money Online

Everyone has a passion for something other than their normal every day life. That one thing that gets you super excited! I’ll be going over hobbies that make money online.

Sports, knitting, kayaking, fishing, shopping, gardening are all hobbies many of us indulge. The one area where we know so much about, that we can talk about it for days.

If that is you, you’re already on the right track.

Chances are that if you have a hobby, someone else shares the same passion as you. The difference is you have the desire to put your specialty to good use and make some extra cash.

YouTube About Your Hobby

This is the top platform out today where any one, any age can talk about any topic and earn money.

From young kids doing toy reviews, to teens playing video games, to grown men opening packs of trading cards. They are all earning from something they would be doing anyway. They just decided to turn on the camera.

The ad revenue alone can bring in a hefty chunk of cash every month. Affiliate links generate revenue as well. 

Some even include a link to their Patreon account. This is where followers donate to you monthly. typically in exchange for something small in return.  This could be a personal video or a shout out on a future video, or even something tangible. 
I follow a YouTuber who talks about investing. In one year his channel grew to over 500,000 subscribers. He earns $17,000 per month just from his Patreon subscribers. That’s not including his affiliate links and ad revenue!

I also follow a 70 year old YouTuber with less than 8,000 subscribers that makes about $1,000 per month I’m ad revenue just talking about moving from the US to the Philippines.

There are plenty of content creators that are making a nice income and not showing their face as well. You can do tutorials on the computer and only share your screen.

Blogging About Your Hobby

If writing is more your thing, this will be perfect for you. There are plenty of ways to earn with Hobbies that make money online by blogging. Whether you’re a photographer, music instructor or a chef there is money to be made.

Just like YouTube you can make money from ad revenue on your blog. affiliate products is also a huge portion of revenue. You can even have a Patreon page linked to your blog and give away one of grandmas secret recipes as their thank you gift.

YouTube vs Blogging

A YouTube channel is easy to start and you can easily upload videos straight from your phone.

Blogging on the other hand costs a little more. You can start a free WordPress site on WordPress.org and get hosting for a mere $3.95/month from Bluehost.

I personally use Builderall. It costs a bit more but I can design sales funnels, make WordPress blogs, have a membership site, Ecommerce, a magazine builder and hosting is included.

To Your Success

From experience blogging takes more time to get off the ground than YouTube. That’s not to say that getting subscribers isn’t going to take a while. Both ways are proven and can take off if you are consistent and put in the work over the long haul.

The Hobbies that make money online, are all of them! Yes, some will make more than others because they are an evergreen niche. However, the truth is even a ventriloquism blog or YouTube channel has the potential to earn. Let us know in the comments what your hobbies are.

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Hobbies that make money online

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