Petaling Street Market, Hong Kee Stall a Must Visit

Petaling Street Market in China Town is one of those Kuala Lumpur attractions you have to check out at least once. There are so many markets in KL but this one is truly unique. It is open air but still covered from the elements. Red Chinese lanterns line the ceiling, symbolizing flourishing business. Petaling Street is definitely just that.

The stalls are primarily knock off designer items like Coach hand bags, Gucci Flip Flops, Nike sneakers, Rolex watches etc. If you go during the busy 6 pm hour you can slip right through the shops with minimal hassle. If you happen to be there during a slow period everyone will be flagging you down. Expect to pay high prices if you aren’t willing to negotiate. Trust me the prices are super inflated and you can get them down. Your best bargaining chip is to walk away. We were in the market for a pair of kids flip flops. The owner was asking 55 MYR for a pair of Nike knock offs but was refusing to budge less than 35 MYR, ultimately we paid 25 MYR ($6.09 USD).

There are plenty of food options on Jalan Sultan which runs parallel to Petaling Street. You have to be quick to grab a table at most of the hawker stands as they are usually full during busy hours. We stopped at the Black Whale Kafe for some fresh juice. This is a franchise location, which we typically shy away from but Cameron was thirsty and insisted. He had the Perfect Passion Fruit drink, which was absolutely amazing. It was 11.90 MYR ($2.90 USD).

We decided to eat at Hong Kee famous claypot chicken. The cook manning the clay pots over blazing charcoal was impressive to watch. Others thought so as well with a throng of at least 10 photographers making the man feel like a celebrity as they snapped away. We of course ordered a small famous Claypot Chicken Rice, medium squid, large Sting Ray two sides of white rice for 66 MYR! ($16.09 USD). I can assure you that you’ll not find a deal like that in the US.

Petaling Street market is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is plenty of Wi-Fi spots at a near by McDonald’s that is open 24/7. As well as a KFC and Starbucks that require a purchase.

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