Our Fish Spa Experience

Fish Spa Experience

We found our way back to Petaling Street in China Town. This time for a unique fish spa experience. You know, the tank of little fish where you stick your feet in so they can feast away at the dead skin. We ended up at Aura Reflexology and Fish Spa at 47 Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We thought it would be a cool family experience but really didn’t know what to expect with Cameron. He is adventurous for a five year old but, would these tiny suckers scare him off? Regardless, for 15 RM ($3.68 USD) per person for 15 minutes you couldn’t go wrong. 

The Experience

I found the tank with the most fish and stuck my feet in like a champ of course. It is strange, these little carp like creatures pecking away at your toes, ankles and soles. Its not necessarily ticklish bur more of a bizarre tugging. 

With a little coaxing from the shop owner Cameron’s feet were immersed in the tank. He had a smile ear to ear as he got his first taste of the pampered life. Though i’m sure his fishy friends felt a little gypped slurping on his fresh tiny digits.

Fiona freaked out a bit at first and was unwilling to drop her feet more than an inch in the tank. If she gets in her head too quickly and starts to feel an itchy sensation all over her body, consider it a done deal. She would have been watching from the sidelines as Cameron and I indulge in the “good life.” She did get past the initial odd sensations and enjoyed the process.

When we arrive at  Aura, we are immediately instructed to slip on a pair of flip flops. Water is then poured over our feet in the rinsing tub to cleanse them before the “doctor fish,” (Garra Rufa) take over. 


When complete, your feet are noticeably smoother and softer, you can actually feel the grooves from your foot print ridges. Along with being a great stress reliever, it is believed these spas help with psoriasis and athletes foot.

These types of pedicures were all the craze in the US and Europe in the early 2010’s, but have become quite controversial. Be sure to do your own research and make the call for yourself before diving into your own fish spa experience.

Be sure to follow our other adventures around the world HERE. What is your experience with fish spas? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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