So What Is A Lead Magnet Anyway?


They say the money is in the email list and the follow up. How in the world do you get an email list though? The simple answer is, you need to create a lead magnet. So what is a lead magnet anyway?

A lead magnet is essentially an ethical bribe to obtain an email address. With an email you can provide value and build trust straight to the inbox of potential customers.

Lead Magnet Examples

  • Check List
  • Quiz
  • Swipe File
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Work Sheet
  • Guide
  • eBook
  • Tutorial
  • Webinar
  • Template
  • Free Strategy Call
  • Starter Kit

These are only a few examples of a lead magnet. There are a number of directions you can go with this.

Sales Funnel Process

Lead magnets are typically free and full of value. You don’t want to over do it however. Giving away an entire course is considered over doing it. The lead magnet is getting potential clients through the door. It should eventually lead to a bigger offer like a course. You can start giving away a highlight reel of the course to get prospects excited and then propose your offer. This entire process is called a sales funnel.

Leads are brought in with the lead magnet which should contain an enticing offer. This can be another low ticket item under $10 with the big ticket offer as an up-sell or follow up email sequence..

How to Create a Lead Magnet is the place to go for DIY graphics and design. It really is an amazing tool that is 95% free. What is so cool about this website is that it has pre-made designs that you can customize. It also has the option to download files as a PDF. This is key when your lead magnet is a report, worksheet, checklist, ebook etc.

How to Collect Leads

So you understand what a funnel is and you have your lead magnet idea ready to roll. Now the next step is to collect the leads. This page is called the bridge page, email capture page, opt-in form, landing page etc. They all mean the same thing. This is a one page website with an enticing headline and your lead magnet offer. When they click the button to get the lead magnet, the customer will be prompted to enter their email address and name. After they complete this step, depending on your lead magnet, they’ll be able to take action, whether that is a download, a video series or something that is sent to their email.

Email Autoresponder

Emails are then placed in an email autoresponder. This is how you’ll communicate with your leads. You can set up pre written emails and set them up to send automatically.

Autoresponder functions can not be done with your google, yahoo, hotmail or any other free email accounts. You’ll need a service like GetResponse or Aweber to achieve this. Both of these option are great but I recommend MailingBoss, which is part of the Builderall suite. With Builderall you can also design your landing page and entire funnel for one low price, rather than cherry picking different services and hope they integrate.

Just don’t use MailChimp! I outline exactly why in this POST HERE.

Here’s A secret

The above banner ad is a lead magnet. Shhh don’t tell anyone. In this offer to collect leads I am willing to design a landing page for you. There is a lot of value in this offer as many people don’t no where to start when it comes to a landing page or just don’t want to learn how to create one.

When you opt-in to this offer, you’ll get the free landing page but you’ll also need an autoresponder and the ability to connect a domain if you choose not to use my sub-domain. This is my up-sell or offer. There is a tab on my landing page that has an auto-responder option. All of which i’m an affiliate for. I also charge a small monthly hosting fee to connect a domain and maintain their page. The best option for them would be to upgrade to MailingBoss/Builderall and I could just transfer the landing page I made for them, to their account.

To Your Success

Lead magnet are really simple to come up with and don’t need to be overthought. You just need to be focusing on giving massive value and finding a reliable traffic source. This can be done through blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram and so on. If you are stilling having trouble coming up with lead magnet ideas feel free to reach out for a free strategy call HERE.

Let us know down below in the comments what kind of lead magnets you use for your business.

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