Start A Website Design Agency for Less Than $100

Website design agency

So you’re looking to capitalize off of your creativity but don’t know where to begin. You’re starting to feel like the term “starving artist” is coming to fruition. Well, let me show you how to start a website design agency for less than $100 per month.

The beauty of working online is that it can be done anywhere in the world that has a good internet connection. If you prefer it to be your home that’s perfect as well. Starting a website design agency is super simple and very little start up cost.

Design Skills

The truth is you don’t need to be a trained graphic designer to make this business work for you. However, knowing your tools and perfecting your craft over time should be your main objective. By knowing your tools and how to achieve a certain look or style, you can easily get inspiration from the millions of sites online.

Finding Clients

This one is pretty simple. Word of mouth is always the best form of obtaining new customers. If you’re just starting out however that is just not an option yet. Facebook ads are the way to go here as you can target specific groups of people based on their interests, likes and searches. Advertising on is another option as well and very inexpensive. You can use sites like Upwork and fiverr, although charging for hosting isn’t an option.

Don’t underestimate free options like posting on your facebook timeline, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. facebook groups are another great way to find new business owners looking to get a web presence.

All In One

The platform I am using to build and scale my agency is Builderall. They are an all in one platform that offers the fastest loading websites and funnels on the planet with the Cheetah Builder. Unlimited email autoresponder to follow up with leads, unlimited access to their magazine builder, Unlimited membership areas for client websites, included hosting, WordPress 3 click integration and much more.

With a platform like Builderall you have access to pre-made templates, sales funnels and websites that you can use for your business. In fact they have a funnel club available that contains niche specific 100% done for you sales funnels. These niche funnels include hair salons, body builders, Yoga instructors, dog grooming, martial arts, dental cleaning and more. Every week there is at least one new funnel added to the club.

Charging Clients

There is a wide range prices that you can charge, with buyers willing to spend $100 to thousands for a sophisticated website. What you charge really depends on your expertise in design and using your tools. If you are a beginner, charging less for a simple website is the way to go. The more complex your client site is, the more you can charge.

The best part about owning a website design agency is the recurring monthly payments for hosting and maintenance. Again iv’e seen agencies charge as little as $10/month to a few hundred per month for this service. What you charge depends on your preference. Updating a website every week for a client is going to be more expensive than updating it once a year.

Other Services

It doesn’t have to stop at websites. If you have a knack for logo design you can incorporate that as well. Even if can’t design logos, I recommend finding someones that does. You can then up-charge your client to make a profit. With a method know as drop servicing you can find quality logos for as little as $5 and resell them for a nice profit. You can read how that strategy works HERE.

Builderall for $1

To Your Success

The entire Buiderall suite is only $69.90 per month. This can easily be paid for by obtaining one client paying a $70/month hosting and maintenance fee. Not to mention your design rate. Right now for a limited time you can get all 30 Builderall tools to start your website design agency for only $1 the first month. It will raise to the regular price after that. You will also have complete access to my Builderall Web Masters Facebook group to ask questions and get advanced training.

Start a Website Design Agency for less than $100

6 thoughts on “Start A Website Design Agency for Less Than $100”

  1. I just signed up! How do I get access to the Facebook group? I know I’m going to have a lot of questions.

    1. Awesome Mike! You are going to love all the tools at your disposal. I just added you to the FB group.

    1. Hi Jennifer! I have a private facebook group to answer questions and help out but no official training. However, Builderall has a local business website agency course that’s absolutely free. You’ll have access to that.

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