Why Goal Setting Is Important For Your Online Business

Why Goal Setting Is Important

Many come in to the online space thinking that it’s going to be easy. Maybe you were sold on the dream of fast cars, big houses and easy riches. This stuff is all possible if you set goals and stay persistent. Let’s talk about why goal setting is important for your online business.

It doesn’t matter what sector of the online business world you are in. Whether it’s eCommerce, affiliate marketing, network marketing, course creation, YouTube or blogging. They should all be treated the same, by knowing your progress every step of the way.

Treat It Like A Business

Too many come in to the online world to half ass it, as if things are going to come easy. Or they come in guns a blazing only to fizzle out 3 months later. It’s tough when you are putting in the work and you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for. The thing is, you need to treat this like a real business. Where, if you couldn’t pay your lease you would lose everything.

Setting Goals

Setting goals is proof to yourself you can finish what you started.

It’s ok to try different business models to see what you enjoy the most. There comes a point however where you have to go all in. Make a promice to yourself that you are going to do what’s absolutely necessary to reach your goals regardless of the amount of time it takes.

Look, iv’e been there before as well. Blogging, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, private label, crypto. Iv’e dabbled in it all. The thing that stopped me from reaching my goals was never fully committing to one when I started. This is easy to do when you’re not seeing the results you want. Even small results force you to stay on track. This is why goal setting is important, so you don’t get side tracked by shiny object syndrome.

Massive Action

Once you set your goals you need to do whatever it takes to obtain them. Having these goals in your head isn’t enough! Write them down, track your progress and adjust. Read and re-read your goals daily. Imagine your self already in possession of whatever it is you want. I highly recommend reading the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is quite powerful while revealing the secret to success.

If you’re a blogger, are you sticking to your 2 post per week goal? Are you making sure you reach 100 followers per week on Instagram like you had planned? Are you engaging with facebook commenters to build trust? If your goal is to build a brand online you have to figure out how to be everywhere all the time and maintain it for more than three months!

Invest in a Mentor

Too many people forgo this step. Possibly because of pride, lack of money, or maybe you were sold on a dream by someone who was looking to make a sale. A real mentor or coach will keep you focused, disciplined and true to your goals. Although if you’re not a self starter and an action taker, don’t expect a “mentor” to work miracles for you.

To Your Success

It’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s success. They may make it look extremely simple which plays with your mind. You start to wonder why you aren’t there yet. The thing is you weren’t there all the years they were struggling to build their brand. All the goals they set and missed while trying over and over. The late nights and early mornings to get to their day job. Be sure to set extreme goals so if you fall short it will still be beyond anything you ever imagined. This is why goal setting is important for everyone.

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Why Goal Setting Is Important

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