How I Afford To Travel The World

How I afford to Travel the World

Imagine if you could earn an income anywhere in the world. What kind of freedom would you have? How different would your life be with this one simple change? I figured out how to do exactly this and I want to share with you how my family and I afford to travel the world.

The question often asked is how are you able to travel to far off destinations? Most people are conditioned to get go to school, get a good job and retire. Today, it is possible to not follow this route! There are a bunch of ways you can make a living without being tied to a particular location. This blog is dedicated to our travels as well as teaching you how to make a living from your laptop.

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Our Business Model

Over the years I tried a number of different business models. It’s not that they didn’t work. It’s more of, they weren’t a right fit for me. This all changed when I stumbled on affiliate marketing. This is when you promote products or services and get a commission for a sale. The awesome part about affiliate marketing is you don’t need to create your own content or store any products. This is what makes our travel possible.

Affiliate marketing is practiced in so many ways. This blog has affiliate links. YouTube channels have them as well. Social media can be leveraged to make affiliate commissions too. In fact many affiliates use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to earn a full time income, so starting a blog or a YouTube channel isn’t necessary. Check out my post called How To Make Money On Facebook Full Time.

The Best Offers

Just about every business offers an affiliate program. Simply go to the website of the company you would like to promote, scroll to the bottom of the site and look for a link that says affiliates. Know that all programs are not created equal. A company like Amazon pays you pennies on the dollar while others go as far as paying out 100% commissions.

I recommend promoting something you use and believe in while earning the most commission possible. The best route to go in this case is to find a program that pays recurring monthly commissions. This means you’ll earn a commission every single month as long as the person stays signed up. See my post titled 16 Programs With Recurring Affiliate Commissions.

Builderall for $1

What I promote

I promote a marketing platform called Builderall. It is an all in one system with 30 tools at your disposal. I literally get everything in one place from website design to email marketing as well as a magazine builder, membership area, eLearning center and eCommerce store builder.

Builderall is easy for me to promote and sell because I see the value in the platform, while using the tools to grow my business. Even if you already have a blog set-up with WordPress you can easily utilize other features Builderall has to offer. In some cases only 1 tool Builderall offers provides more value than a single tool elsewhere. For instance Buildrall offers unlimited email marketing for $69.90/ month while other companies like like Convertkit charge $199/month to have the ability to email 25,000 subscribers! There’s no comparison



Builderall is a win/win for me. Not only is it a service I trust and believe in but they also have a top flight affiliate program. They have plans for everyone that start at $19.90-$69.90/month. For any account sold, I earn 100% commission and 30% commission every month after as long as the user stays on board. Furthermore, if that person decides to become an affiliate as well, I in turn earn 30% from their sales too. This kind of income is exactly how I afford to travel the world. Right now you can try out Builderall for 30 days for only $1 and then choose the plan that fits you best.

Another Source of Passive Income

Aside from the Builderall tools being used for my business and the affiliate program for promoting Builderall. I also use the platform to design websites for clients. Not only do I get to collect a one time design fee, but also a monthly hosting/maintenance charge, generating another source of passive income. If this interests you, be sure to check out, Start a Website Design Agency for Less Than $100.

To Your Success

I’m sure you can see now how I afford to travel the world and the power of affiliate marketing. I truly want the same for you. This is why I am willing to give you a free coaching call when you sign up for Builderall. I will also throw in my course Facebook Lead Pro, which teaches exactly how I promote Builderall using my Facebook profile, absolutely free.

If you worked 100% online would you travel the world? Let us know in the comments.

How I Afford To Travel The World

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