Why You Should Get Excited for Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport Rain Cortex (Jewel)

Singapore itself is an impressive country. You can tell they take pride in being the best. Weather it be as a financial hub or just the overall cleanliness of their city. You will notice this pride as soon as you arrive at Singapore Changi Airport.

If you happen to have a layover in Singapore then you are in for a treat! You will get to experience first hand why Singapore Changi Airport was named Skytrax #1 airport 7 years in a row.

Singapore Changi Airport Attractions

Aside from top notch eateries, trendy clothiers, and some of the best duty free in the world, Changi’s crown Jewel is known as the Jewel.

This incredible attraction is on the land side of terminal 1, and can be accessed by terminal 1-3. The Jewel boasts the worlds tallest indoor waterfall known as the Rain Vortex. It also has must see attractions, Canopy Park, Canopy Bridge, Manulife Skynets for walking and bouncing and a hedge maze.

You will also be in awe by the display called Kinetic Rain. It is a cross between art and technology. The 1,216 bronze coated water droplets are suspended in the air while moving in unison to form 16 different shapes! This can also be found in terminal 1 and is on display 24 hours per day.

Travelers are used to standing in long security lines, sometimes with the fear of missing their flight. With Changi you go directly to your gate and stand in a personal security line.

This saves time and sort of eliminates having to arrive 2-3 hours before a flight. Although I wouldn’t take any chances.

Even their restrooms feel like you are staying at a luxurious hotel. If you are there late at night you might catch their automatic floor scrubber stopping and going as pedestrian move through the area.

The $1.7 Billion renovation is not just meant for the thousands of daily travelers through the airport but also has a local allure as well. Just like  Garden by the Bay or Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Changi Airport should top your list of must see. Weather entering the country by land air or sea.

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