7 Blog Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Blog Ideas For Travel Bloggers

It’s a pretty rough time for almost every industry right now, with everything going on in the world. That’s no exception for travels bloggers for sure. With virtually no interest in travel at the moment, those who are in the industry are suffering big time. Here are 7 blog ideas for travel bloggers.

If you’re not creating content, you’re not getting views. That goes for bloggers and vloggers alike. There are only so many posts you can write about staying occupied during lockdown.

Money for Travel

Living Life. Digital blog was created as our travel journey began at the end of 2019 and early 2020. That was completely halted by the Coronavirus. The intention of the blog was to document our travels as well as showcase online entrepreneurial ideas. Since lockdown you have probably noticed that it has been all out money making ideas.

There is no shortage of this content and everyone is looking for a way to make an extra buck. Including this content doesn’t hurt, even if you are solely a travel blog. I’m sure one of your top questions is how do you afford to travel. No might be the time to spill the beans.

Life After Lockdown

So what are your plans anyway? I suppose for many the answer is I don’t know. Do you plan on hitting the skies as soon as lockdown is over or do you plan to stay hunkered down? These are great questions and i’m sure your fans are dying to hear what’s next.

As far as myself Fiona and Cameron, we’ll be in Bali for most of 2020 and then head to Kenya around Christmas time. That of course is if we are somewhat back to normal. We’re pretty excited to start documenting travel again.


This is the perfect time to interview other travel bloggers! Not only is this entertaining for your followers, it’s a great way get exposure as well. Chances are they will be sharing the interview on their blog and social media. This works in your advantage big time. You’ll be gaining new followers and backlinks to your website.

We put out Living Life. Digital Magazine which features a different online entrepreneur every month. We try to keep it centered around those who travel as well. If you are looking for a digital magazine to get more leads for your business I highly recommend Builderall.

Gear Reviews

Now may be the perfect time to do an in depth review of your camera or travel gear. This is a great way to earn some extra cashflow for you and entertaining for followers. You’d be surprised that people are actually still buying right now. Especially online, considering no one is really leaving their home. Unfortunately Amazon associates slashed their commissions, luckily there are some other alternatives.

Travel Predictions

With so much uncertainty travel predictions makes some great blog ideas for travel bloggers. Air travel as we know it will be changed forever. Without being all doom and gloom you can give your predictions and educated guess on what is in store. Will flights be dirt cheap to get butt’s in the seats or will prices be sky high to make up for losses? Do you think international travel will be suspended through 2021? Will we ever see full flights again? These are all valid questions and great blog post topics. I know a lot of airlines are currently offering discounts and waived fees for future travel.

Reflect on Past Adventures

I’m sure this is what many of you are doing right now already. I doubt you exhausted all your content ideas from every location you’ve ever been to and it may just hold you over until the next adventure. Lists are always fun. Best and worst foods you ever ate in a certain country. Most hospitable country you have visited. Worst travel experience revisited. Most Instagramable tourist destinations. Best places to visit off the beaten path. You get the idea. The ideas are really endless.

Make a Course

This isn’t a blog post idea but can turn into one after you finish your course. If you ever thought about doing this or have just procrastinated on the idea. Now is the perfect time to make it come to fruition. Maybe it’s a video course on how to start a blog. Or how to be an expert affiliate marketer to fund your travels. If you are looking to go this route Builderall offers a built in eLearning app to make unlimited courses. They also give you the ability to make a membership site.

Don’t Stop

I noticed some travel bloggers stopped posting altogether. This is probably the worst thing you can do for your brand and your blogs ranking in Google. Even if it’s only once a week, keep plugging away. I hope these 7 blog ideas for travel bloggers have brought you some inspiration. Comment down below what you’re working on during lockdown.

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Blog Ideas For Travel Bloggers

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