Hey Bloggers Never Run Out of Content Again

I’ll admit I’ve been there. When you get to the point that you think you’ve exhausted all your post ideas. Let me tell you how to never run out of content again.

If you’re looking to make a profitable business out of your blog or any form of social media for that matter; content must be in abundance. 

Identify Your Target Audience

You likely already know your demographic and the perfect customer you’re after. If not you really need to pinpoint who these people are and what they need from you. 

focus on who is your ideal customer/client, where they hang out and what you can you provide to them. Knowing these basic traits will allow you to create endless content, drive paid traffic, create perfect products and write fine tuned copy.

Content Machine

Now that you know your perfect customer/client go to YouTube and find the biggest influencers in your niche. Click on videos to bring up all the content created on that channel. Now sort by most popular. By doing this you’ll see exactly what your ideal customer wants to see.

Start writing down on a spreadsheet or Google document all the topics that are performing well. Let’s clear this up now. You are not copying their work. You are just researching what is trending and making content around it from your perspective. Here is the deal. Not much content today is absolutely original. What you are making content about has been re-hashed thousands of times. What makes people want to consume YOUR content is that they like you, trust you and appreciate the way you deliver it to them. This strategy works with YouTube and virtually all social media platforms. Now you know how to never run out of content again.

Repurposing Content

It is not enough to write a blog post and hope google ranks it at the top. Good luck with that. You need to take what you have written and spread it across multiple social media platforms. 


For instance take an excerpt from your post and share it in a Facebook group. You want people to start seeing you as an expert in your niche. By always creating value and answering questions. you’ll start to get people wanting to know more about you and what you have to offer.


Try putting your article into video form as well. There are so many youtubers with studio grade content that it can be discouraging for new creators. However, I follow plenty of channels where it is a person talking to a camera with no special affects at all. Just provide massive value! 

Also consider using a teleprompter to read your blog post to your viewers. This might seem unnatural at first but trust me, you’d be surprised how many YouTubers are doing this exact thing. As far as a teleprompter, there are free websites that will do this for you. So you are simply just recoding with your computer webcam while you are reading text.


Yes, Instagram is for sharing photos and if you have some that is related to your niche, great! Although you don’t need photos at all. You can simply design a post using Canva that uses text and graphics. Think outside the box. 

Everywhere All The Time

A lot of people will say to focus on one platform until you master it. This is true if you are on the very slow and steady path to growth. Why not take it a step further and be omni present. This is when you appear to be everywhere all the time. The more exposure you have the quicker you can reach your ultimate goal. If you get too big, too quick, virtual assistants are in abundance.

I hope this helped you come up with ideas on how to never run out of content again. Let us know your content strategies in the comments below.

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Never run out of content again

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