6 Killer Tips for Selling on Mercari


Mercari is the next big selling app and marketplace you should be a part of. If you’re an eCommerce seller and not using the platform, you’re missing out. To get started, here are 6 tips for selling on Mercari.

Ebay is great and all but it’s kind of tough to run your eCommerce business through your phone on their app. Mercari on the other hand is designed to do just that. They are not quite as big as ebay but boast over 150,000 new listings per day in the Unite States.

Mercari was formed in Japan in February 2013. 30% of their population currently uses the app.

Price Items High

Pricing your items a bit higher is going to give you some wiggle room. You’ll be able to promote your listing while not feeling much of the pinch when it does sell. A lot of times buyers will try to negotiate with you as well. If you lower your price $3 for them, they’ll feel like they’re getting a great deal and you still earn a nice profit.

Promote Your Listing

Promoting can be the best way to drive a ton of sales on Mercari. Selling organically does work but it can be slow and there is a plenty of competition.

  • You can promote to the likers of your item. If you have customers that have shown an interest in what you are selling. You can then turn around and offer them a lower price
  • Another way is to promote site wide. This lowers the price 5% across the entire site and Mercari will push your listing to as many people as they think will be interested.

Promoting site wide may get your listing more item likes than anything but this will give you the chance to retarget those likers at a later time.

Concentrate on Reviews

The next tip for selling on Mercari is an important one. Concentrate on accumulating reviews. Just like eBay,Amazon or any other eCommerce platform, reviews are extremely important. It provides social proof to the buyer.

Essentially the more reviews you have, the higher you can list your product for. Starting out you may have to list items a bit lower to get the reviews necessary.

Increase Seller Badges

Badges are important, as they will appear on your seller store. The more badges you have the more trustworthy you will appear to potential customers. These Include:

  • Quick Shipper Badge
  • Fast Response Badge
  • Member Since Badge
  • Reliable Badge

Free Shipping

Free shipping is very important these days. You are not only competing with other sellers on Mercari, but also eBay, Amazon, Poshmark etc. Free shipping will only provide more value to your listing and a leg up on all the competition.

Re-List Items

Re-listng old and stale items is a great way to get new eyes on a listing. Even if you have 100 + listings, go through them daily to find those not getting views or likes. Re-lisitng 2-3 per day will force Mercari to re-index the item, giving it new exposure.

To Your Success

These are essential tips for selling on Mercari. Just remember, don’t get in the mindset that no one will buy because you have higher prices. Just because you do comparison shopping doesn’t mean everyone else does as well. Implementing these tactics should yield some great results.

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