Digital Nomad Jobs To Start While On Quarantine


How would you like to travel the world with out any worries of a 9-5 holding you back. From white sand beaches to snow covered mountains the world could literally be your playground. It’s 100% a possibility with these digital nomad jobs.

With everything going on in the world right now not many people are thinking about being a digital nomad however it is the perfect time to prepare for that leap of faith. There has not been a better time then when you have extra time on your hands to focus on starting a location dependent business. I’ll be discussing 5 that are viable now and will be for a long time.


Dropshipping is when you sell a product to some one and a fulfillment center sends the item to the customer on your behalf. This method is popular because you don’t own any product and don’t have to store anything at a massive warehouse.

You simply have to drive traffic to the website with the item. Facebook ads are the most popular way to do so. It’s not unheard of to use instagram, TikTok, YouTube or any other social media platform. This can be done with ads or influencers.

Shopify is a popular Ecommerce platform for dropshipping because of its ease of use. Magento however is another option. Its a bit tougher for newbies to use but is more robust than Shopify.

As far as finding products to sell, AliExpress and DHgate are two popular choices from China. Shipping times are always a concern but price and free shipping are very enticing. There are always options to source from the United States as well but will likely cut into your profit and shipping rates will have to be negotiated.

Start Up Cost: This really depends on your comfort level with Facebook ads and how long it takes to find a winning ad. Besides advertisements Shopify costs $29/month for the basic plan. Magento on the other hand is free but you have to cover hosting. Builderall includes Magento on their platform where you can host your store and use all the other tools Builderall has to offer. This includes websites, funnels, email marketing magazine builder and much more for. $1,000 is a decent place to start but $2,000 leaves a bit more room for error.

Amazon Private Label

Amazon private label is when you source products from a marketplace like Ali Baba in China in bulk. They put your logo on it and send it to the Amazon warehouse for you.

Amazon fulfills orders, takes care of shipping, customer service and returns for a fee. You just sit back collect pay checks and re-order more stock. Sounds great doesn’t it? It is, but half the battle will be finding that winning product. Its not unheard of for someone to find that goldmine after their 4th or 5th try.

Private labeling is very competitive but still very viable today. I would definitely recommend getting a course on how to do this correctly because their are a lot of steps and Amazon is very particular. Tanner J. Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery is where I learned how to private label on Amazon. The cost is reasonable and he is constantly updating the modules.

Start Up Cost: $2,000 is a good place to start but in reality more is better. A software like Jungle Scout is needed for product research. They have a chrome extension and a web browser, both are vital for finding winning products. There is free software out there but they are not as accurate as Jungle Scout.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service and get a commission for making a sale. This is an incredible way to start making money online and is one of the best digital nomad jobs.

Sales really depend on how well you connect with your audience. You don’t necessarily have to have a huge following but you do have to take advantage of social media and all the free traffic it offers.

The concept of affiliate marketing is not heard and sales can be made easily if you do it the right way, however so many people do it the wrong way and see no results. If you can master the know, like and trust aspect of this business, affiliate marketing money will be a gravy train.

Start Up Cost: $0 Almost all affiliate programs require no money to get started. I promote Builderall as affiliate and that allows me and my family to travel full time. If you would like to join their affiliate program for free, you can do so HERE.


YouTube is a fantastic way to make money as a digital nomad. Once you hit 1,000 subscribers and 10,000 hours of watch time you will be eligible to monetize your channel. Right now is the perfect time to get started on that achievement while you’re cooped up in the house.

If you’re not sure what to start a channel about, start with topics you enjoy. Simply vlogging about your journey of becoming a digital nomad from the planning stages, to making money, to actually taking that leap of faith would make great content.

Making videos on YouTube is the quickest way to build a following because it’s so much easier for people to relate to you. Once your channel gains steam you can also take advantage of affiliate marketing and even dropshipping from your channel.

Start Up Cost: YouTube is absolutely free. You don’t even need fancy equipment. Your cell phone camera will suffice in the beginning and makes this one of the easiest digital nomad jobs to start.


If being on camera isn’t your thing but writing is, then blogging is for you. Like YouTube you can earn money from ads, affiliate marketing and even an Ecommerce store.

The truth is, ranking in google for your preferred keyword is next to impossible unless you are talking about something that is completely new to the world. This should not discourage you as a new blogger. It should however, motivate you to be a social media machine. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube are all great ways to drive traffic. It’s up to you to pick one are multiple to use to get eyes on your site.

Start Up Cost: You can start a WordPress blog for free at Bluehost offers hosting for as little as $3.95/month and domain services for under $20/year. I use Builderall because I can host WordPress sites, funnels, regular websites, digital magazines and do email marketing. Click HERE if you want to try it out for $1.

Digital Nomad Jobs

All 5 of these digital nomad jobs are a great place to start. The awesome thing is once you get one up and running and making money, you can turn to another and build up that stream as well. Let us know in the comment section your favorite way to make money as a digital nomad.

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