How To Use Your Facebook Profile for Affiliate Success

How To Use Your Facebook Profile for Affiliate Success

You can make a living off of Facebook and don’t even realize it. This platform is the king of social media right now and is a prime target for your demographic. I’m going to show you how to use your Facebook profile for affiliate success.

With nearly 2.5 billion active users in 2020, promoting your affiliate business should be a breeze. The problem is, if no-one shows you the right way to set up your profile for success it will likely be a disaster.

Profile vs. Fan Page

In this case you’ll be using your profile and not a fan page. A few years ago Facebook killed the reach of fan pages to only a handful of views to your total audience. This was to force businesses to boost their posts or run ads.

It is still good to have a fan page but what we are doing is different. Your personal profile however will reach more people based on your level of engagement. We’ll get in to that later.

Cover photo and profile photo

Your profile and cover photos are very important to your success with this strategy. Starting with your profile photo, it needs to be a clear headshot of you, smiling. If other people are going to buy from you a picture of your cat, vehicle, child, or grandma are not going to cut it. A picture of you scowling at the camera will also be a huge turn off to potential clients.

Your cover photo should reflect the type of person you want to portray. Will this be a picture of you and your family. You with your cars. Or will it be you advertising your Facebook group. There are a number of ways you can go here. Just don’t plaster your business opportunity here or anywhere on your profile!


This Facebook profile strategy is all about curiosity. Writing daily posts about your biz op is not the way to go.

1.) It’s a huge turnoff for those viewing your profile

2.) Potential clients can do their own research about your company and by-pass you completely.

Facebook allows you to add links to your profile. DO NOT send them to your affiliate link. This should be a spot to send potential clients to your Facebook group or a personal blog. In fact sending people to a landing page to collect emails is also a big no-no in Facebooks eyes. In theory you are using your profile as a sales funnel and Facebook is against this 100%. Your profile will get shut down, I’ve seen it happen before.

With your profile, your main objective is to pique the curiosity of potential clients. By almost being secretive, people will be coming to you through messenger to find out what you do to earn online.

Posting Content

You should be posting your results, curiosity, lifestyle photos, motivation and value if you intend on using your Facebook profile for affiliate success.

Results– I wouldn’t over do it with results but it is vital to include them. If you hit personal milestones in your business, it would be a good time to share it. If you are new and have no results at all, including team results works as well.

Facebook Results post for Affiliate Success

Lifestyle– This can be very powerful. You living the life other people don’t because they are too busy always working their 60 hour per week job. This doesn’t mean you have to have a Lamborghini to pose with. It could simply be you enjoying precious time with your family.

Facebook lifestyle post for Affiliate Success

Motivation – This could be a story but typically comes in the for of a re-hashed quote. Quotes usually get great engagement, meaning more people will see you and your profile. The problem is this is way over done and gets monotonous. Trust me once you start connecting with more marketers you’ll see what I mean.

Facebook motivation post for Affiliate Success

Curiosity– This is key. This is where the money is. Curiosity posts typically are questions that require a response. Something to the effect of: who wants my free blueprint on X. 

Facebook curiosity post for Affiliate Success

Value– This is the most important of all the posts. The more value that you provide the more you will be seen as an expert in your niche. You should get in the habit of giving more than receiving. When you do this you will end up receiving ten fold.

Facebook value post for Affiliate Success


Engagement is vital. Essentially the more you engage with your audience the more your friends list will see your post. Facebook allows you 5,000 friends. When you make a post maybe 50 friends will see it. The more people who like and comment on your post, the more Facebook pushes it to your other friends. If you’re not willing to like and comment on posts in your news feed, this strategy will not work for you.

Friend Request

Your target is not to friend request long lost relatives and everyone you graduated with. In fact they are not your target at all. You are looking for other people who are in the same niche as you. In my case it’s make money online. 

There are a lot of marketers who use this Facebook profile strategy. You want to friend request them. Not necessarily to promote your offer to them, but for their engagement. They know the drill. You like and comment on my post and I’ll like and comment on your post. 

Now you want to go into niche related Facebook groups and provide value. When people start to recognize and trust you. You can friend request them. With all your posts and great engagement on your profile this new friend will only trust you more. Ultimately you want to get in to a conversation and find out what they are struggling with in their online business and provide a solution.

How to stand out 

Be original. It is that simple. Don’t be the person that only posts motivational quotes just to post something. This strategy is stale and boring. If you want to take it to the next level Facebook lives are where you will really succeed. This is just scratching the surface on how to use your Facebook profile for affiliate success. If you would like an in depth step by step video course you can get it HERE.

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How To Use Your Facebook Profile for Affiliate Success

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