How to Make Money on Facebook Full Time

How to Make money on Facebook

Would you rather be on facebook all day or punch the clock at your 9-5, with all the pressure from deadlines and stress from clients? I’m sure the answer would be facebook if it could pay your bills. What if I told you it can! Let me show you how to make money on Facebook full time.

This strategy works even if you have a 9-5. You will just have to put in the work after hours to get the same result. However, With the current pandemic taking place and many people out of work. There is plenty of time to make that facebook money.

Treating It Like a Job

The secret is that you have to treat it like a job. Many people think that making money online is easy. The truth is it can be if you treat it like a real business. If you haven’t done so already check out How To Use Your Facebook Profile For Affiliate Success. This outlines how to set up your profile.

Your Offer

Before you begin you need to find an offer that you will be promoting. There is a massive make money online and network marketing community on Facebook. If you have no clue what to promote, I highly recommend Builderall. They are an all in 1 online marketing platform with an incredible recurring commission structure. Purchasing one of their plans is recommended so you can learn the tools yourself but it is not required. You can simply sign up for the free affiliate program HERE.


Facebook engagement is key. Your whole business model revolves around engagement. Facebook allows you to have 5,000 friends. When you post on your time line you might get 100 friends who actually see the post. It’s not a guarantee that those 100 will even like or comment on your post.

The reason you want engagement is so facebook pushes your post to more people on your friends list. Network marketers on Facebook know and understand this hack and will gladly like and comment on your post if you reciprocate. The key is finding the ones that do. If you are not sure what to post or where to start with this strategy, read this post first.

This might sound crazy to you, but if you want massive engagement of around 200-300 likes and comments you’ll have to engage with as many. Take 2 hours and engage with as many people as possible on your friends list. Yes, it can get exhausting. Would you rather like and comment on posts for 2 hours on your own time making recurring commissions or wake up at 6am to sit in traffic? You need to treat this like a business.


I highly recommend starting a facebook group around your niche. This is an incredible way to grow your personal brand while really having the full attention of your leads. Facebook groups are a lot of work in the beginning. Getting people in there, hoping they’ll engage, and staying active yourself.

I have seen so many facebook groups that go dormant, never getting past 200 un-engaged members. I have also seen thriving groups go inoperative out of nowhere. If you provide massive value on a regular basis they will come back for more. This does not include constantly trying to sell to your members.

You should also be setting yourself up as an authority figure in other niche related groups. Furthermore you should be answering questions and bringing value. Potential prospects will eventually friend request you or not be hesitant if you request them. Spending 2 hours in groups is a not a bad idea.

Direct Messaging

Affiliate and network marketing is a sales business. If you aren’t interacting with people you aren’t going to make money on Facebook full time. Engaging with people is not enough. You need to take it a step further and message people. This is NOT to send your links. You are simply trying to get to know your friends list. Ask them what they are promoting and take it from there. Here is a list of things NOT to do.

  • Do not ask where are you from
  • Do not ask how is the weather
  • Don’t ask how are you
  • Do not ask what do you do
  • NEVER drop your link without it being asked for

These questions are a huge turn off and most of the answers can be seen on their profile. A good icebreaker is finding a common interest that you share. Is it football? Hometowns? Movies? There’s a difference between asking what do you do and what are you promoting. Every one loves to talk about their business. Often i’ll lead a conversation like this.

Not everyone will respond. I wouldn’t unfriend them immediately but you may want to consider it later. If they are not engaging with your posts, not willing to have any small talk at all, there are better prospects to be had. Taking 2 hours talking to people and replying to comments on your posts is a good start.


Take 2 hours out of your day to create content for the following day. You should already know what your timeline post will be. Equally you should already have content lined up for posting in your group and other groups. There’s no lack of content out there these days. If you are struggling for content read my article, Hey Bloggers Never Run Out of Content Again.

To Your Success

To make money on facebook full time you have to develop a long term strategy mind set. Sure you will make some sales along the way. The truth is you’ll make even more a year or two from now by cultivating friendships and trust. The thing is however, if you don’t talk to anyone in a meaningful way, no one is going to come to you begging for your opportunity. You could have 500 likes per post and it wouldn’t matter.

8 hours per day on Facebook sounds daunting, but if you are promoting an opportunity with recurring commissions, you could easily cut back in the future. If you follow the above steps, and dedicate the required time to your BUSINESS daily, I can almost guarantee your success.

How To Make Money on Facebook Full Time
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